I am so happy to be writing this testimonial!
What an incredible experience it has been to work with your company in developing my website. To see my vision and ideas come to life and take form has been so rewarding. Thank you for not only listening but truly hearing my needs and expectations and applying all of the information that was provided.
I am so incredibly proud of my site, as it sums up all I am trying to achieve in reaching out to my target market. I really believe that your committed effort and the incredible amount of time and effort poured into it is going to reap the rewards.
To me the true test of whether something works, is hearing the user's views and let me tell you... The feed back on the layout, design and usability has been an resounding... "We LOVE it", from many a client!
It really is a joy to deal with a professional, yet warm and accommodating company such as DT Web Designs.
May you continue to give your all and live your passion, as you assist many more companies and individuals to reach their corporate and personal goals.
Tarryn Tippett
Aspire to Be

Tarryn, http://www.aspiretobe.co.za